Our Process

Turkeywoods Farm Shagbark Hickory Syrup

Native Americans were the first to drink shagbark hickory tea, the broth made from boiling hickory bark. They found that this could help relieve symptoms of arthritis, and we now know that hickory bark is one of the highest plant sources of magnesium. Magnesium plays a role in many bodily functions including neurotransmission and muscle contraction, and is important for healthy heart function and in combating muscle pain and fatigue. Shagbark tea sweetened with wild honey is the likely precursor to what we now know as Shagbark Hickory Syrup. The unique flavor of Shagbark Hickory Syrup comes directly from the bark of the tree, which is traditionally boiled for a time in pure water and aged before mixing with sugar to produce the syrup. Turkeywoods Farm employs its own proprietary method to produce “Mystic Hickory” syrups, which involves a precise boiling, filtering and aging process to produce the broth. This is then followed by re-boiling with a special blend of natural sugars and hot-bottling into glass containers to show off the crystal clarity of the syrup. Trees are not cut or damaged in the process, as the shagbark hickory tree begins to naturally shed its bark at around seven years of age. This bark is harvested when it falls from the tree, or can be carefully removed when it becomes loose. Peeling too much bark from the tree can damage it and leave it prone to insect damage. We make every effort to preserve the health of our beautiful trees.

Turkeywoods Farm Hickory Nut Syrup

Turkeywoods Farm is the world’s only commercial producer of Hickory Nut Syrup, made from local hickory nuts that are collected and cracked by hand. These flavor and nutrient rich nuts fall during a three week period of the fall, and must be collected quickly ahead of hungry squirrels who love the choice morsels. Hickory Nut Syrup has a unique nutty flavor that is completely different from the shagbark syrup. Hickory Nut Syrup is distinctively light, sweet and nutty, and is excellent for light flavored foods including pancakes, waffles, ice cream and corn bread.

Turkeywoods Farm Hickory Ginger Syrup

A new and rapidly growing favorite is our Hickory Ginger Syrup. This syrup, prepared from Shagbark Hickory Syrup and fresh ginger root is generating rave reviews from ginger lovers! Among other uses, this syrup can be used to make a delicious all-natural ginger ale. Turkeywoods Farm is currently the world's only producer of Hickory Ginger Syrup.

Mystic Berry Syrups

Turkeywoods Farm also offers a variety of fresh berry syrups. Some of the flavors include Blueberry, Blueberry/Strawberry (a Mystic favorite), Red Raspberry and Wild Grape. Since we use only fresh fruit for these syrups, they are seasonal items and in limited supply. Please inquire.

Sugars and Shelf Life

Turkeywoods Farm hickory syrups consist of varying blends of sucrose, fructose and glucose, which are the same sugars found in maple syrup. We bottle the syrup at over 215°F for pasteurization, which provides for an indefinite shelf life provided the cap seal is not compromised. However, we recommend refrigeration once the syrup is opened or the seal is broken. As with maple syrup, an opened bottle left on the countertop at room temperature for several weeks may experience mold growth on the surface, whereas the useable life of the syrup is extended to a year or more when refrigerated. Our Shagbark Hickory Syrup natural sugar blend combines fructose (fruit sugar) with sucrose and glucose. It is important to note that fructose sugar is not the same as high fructose corn syrup. We use none of the latter in any of our products. Pure all-natural fructose sugar plays an important role as a flavor and sweetness enhancer, and also serves to limit crystallization that can occur with other sugars. Still, on rare occasions large rock candy crystals may form in the bottle over time. These crystals can be quite beautiful, and do not affect the quality of the syrup.